Worship with us
We are a church on the move!
On Sunday December 19th we will be holding
services at our new location!
6606 Weber Road
8:30 am

(also known as Community of Faith Church!)
Prayer Group

The Word of God

We know that in order to know God we have to dig deep in His Word. There we find His character, nature and great love for us. Every Sunday morning we learn more concerning all He has for us. We grow as a true family, celebrating when good happens and supporting each other through difficult times. We are family.  Come join us!

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Sunday Service

During this time we are currently conducting online services through youtube. The link can be accessed through our Devotions and Streaming page.

We are also blessed to have partnered with Fellowship of Oso Creek on Yorktown Blvd to hold our services at 12 Noon on Sundays! 

Social Distancing and masks are required at this time. Contact the church at 361.236.7792 for more information!


“The Church must be intelligible to the simple as well as to the shrewd”

Robert Hugh Benson

About Us

Living Word Church of Corpus Christi welcomes all individuals seeking God’s love, study God's word, and fellowship with others that simply want to know more.

The world is changing and you need a place to go where you can be yourself, learn about a better way of life and walk with others looking for the same thing!

That's exactly who we are. But not who we will be!

Come check out Living Word Church of Corpus Christi!


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7518 Annemasse St. Corpus Christi, TX 78414


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